[Review] Poe Dameron #6

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The sixth issue of Poe Dameron ongoing series concludes another chapter of his adventure, he is able to get Grakkus out of prison and get the data about Lor San Tekka. This issue features even more of droids awesomeness, with BB-8 and his friend in the space station helping Poe and his team who are on the ground, you can clearly see the inspiration from the droids episodes from The Clone Wars. More of this in upcoming issues would be great! Agent Terex is failing again and yet the question rises of whether there’s a mole within Poe’s squadron. It’s possible but also there’s the possibility his X-Wing has been bugged hence why Terex would know? Right now, I’m not sure, mostly because I don’t see who would be the mole … We get to see Leia again at the end and Captain Phasma in hologram. The more we see Terex, the more I think he’s not that much of a manipulator/calculator but more reckless and someone who doesn’t care about anything as long as he succeeds. We can see that he doesn’t like that Poe is succeeding and that affects him, he’s determine to kill him now, maybe forgetting what his mission really is.
There’s one thing that was a bit exaggerated – the Carrion Spike passing through the station without having any scratches but while being attacked by X-Wings, it’s suffering damage. That’s a bit of a discrepancy and not much believable.

7/10 A lot of fun for another adventure with Poe and BB-8


Star Wars Rebels: Descriptions of Upcoming Episodes

TV Guide has the descriptions for 3 upcoming episodes of Star Wars Rebels, confirming what we were already suspecting – the second episode is featuring Maul, the third will be Wedge and the fourth will take place on Ryloth.

The Holocrons of Fate (October 1)
When Maul takes the crew of the Ghost hostage, Ezra and Kanan must pass a trial in order to recover an ancient Sith artifact to save them. 

The Antilles Extraction (October 8)
Sabine goes undercover as a cadet in the Empire’s elite flight academy to help free several young pilots who want to defect to the rebellion. 

Hera’s Heroes (October 15)
Hera’s rebel supply mission to Ryloth becomes personal when she and the Ghost crew brave overwhelming Imperial forces to recover a memento from her ancestral home. 


[Review] Star Wars Rebels: Steps Into Shadow

I already talked about the season 3 premiere of Star Wars Rebels, in my post about the series at the Star Wars Celebration so I will only add a few more things about this double episode.

There’s a time jump between season 2 and 3 and there’s the question about Ezra’s lightsaber. He has a new one, a real one this time not like the weird blaster/saber he had in the first two seasons. It’s unknown how he got it but we can guess that he returned to the temple on Lothal to get one, though it would be interesting to get that story. Everyone in the team has a new look. For Hera and Zeb, it’s just some things that have changed, Sabine it’s new hair color and new armor color but for Ezra and Kanan there’s a real big change. Sabine’s new colors make her look older. Ezra’s new outfit makes him look way older as well and it’s more simple at the same time.

About this beginning, we get a much more violent Ezra, he does not hesitate to kill which was not the case in the previous seasons. The most shocking Ezra scene is when he executes the troopers on the platform, he uses the Force and throws the AT-DP of the platform. The pilot of the vehicle has no chance to defend himself. That’s a totally new Ezra we see there. He’s different and that’s interesting, I’m looking forward to see where it’s going. He’s no Jedi anymore, he opened the Sith Holocron, he talks to it, I wouldn’t say he is a Sith but he’s definitely at the limit between dark and light side, he does questionable things.

Kanan struggles with his blindness and encounters the Bendu, a Force creature. This episode is a lot about Kanan’s acceptation of his condition and learning how to live with it. The Bendu adds another layer to the Force mythology, he’s in between the two sides but when he gets the Holocron, he seems more than interested by it than it first appears so, there’s more to him than just being a guide. I think it’s not the last time we’re going to see him.

Admiral Thrawn’s introduction was good, there’s a lot of potential with his character from the Expanded Universe. He’s a great addition to the villains of Rebels! He’s a strategist, it takes time to win, he has a masterplan to destroy the rebels and it’s going to be great to see him tracking them and trying to stop them. We also have Tarkin in this episode and despite Thrawn’s presence, I hope we still get to see him in more than just one episode, this season, he’s with Vader, the best villain of the Empire.

Hondo Ohnaka, the galaxy’s best pirate is the one bringing the Y-Wings to the rebels, Y-Wings we see in A New Hope. It’s surprising coming from the character but it’s great to see these connections between the different Star Wars mediums and how it fits together. This season seems like it’s going to be a lot of making the Rebellion bigger which will be great to see!

9/10 Rebels’s best episode to date, a lot of action, fun moments and a dark path for Ezra!

[Hasbro] Black Series 3.75Inch Next 2 Waves

We know what the next two waves of the Walmart exclusive Black Series 3.75inch are. The first one is only repacks or should we say “upgrades” as new soft goods are used for Ahsoka, Lando and the Royal Guard. The Royal Guard and Ahsoka repacks make sense as these two were difficult to get but Ackbar and Lando make no sense. This wave is already available in some stores. However, the second wave isn’t available yet and this wave will be Rogue One characters, Bantha Skulls has found the information.

Lando Calrissian (repack)
Admiral Ackbar (repack)
Imperial Royal Guard (repack)
Ahsoka Tano (repack)

Jyn Erso
Cassian Andor


UPDATE: Star Wars Rebels: Justin Ridge Replaces Dave Filoni as Supervising Director

Big Shiny Robot is reporting that starting from the season 3 premiere of Star Wars Rebels, Dave Filoni won’t be the Supervising Director anymore, the title will go to Justin Ridge. Ridge had previously worked on Star Wars The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels, he directed ‘Rookies,’ ‘The Gungan General,’ ‘Innocents of Ryloth’ and ‘Holocron Heist’ on TCW and on Rebels he directed ‘Rebel Resolve’ and the Sabine and Zeb shorts ‘Entanglement’ and ‘Art Attack.’
Filoni had been the Supervising Director on Star Wars animation since 2008 with The Clone Wars. Nevertheless, Filoni remains an Executive Producer of the show and he is still heavily involved on making creative decisions on Rebels.
Why this change, it’s still unknown at the time but it could be as Big Shiny Robot suggested to do more creative work than day to day work.

Big Shiny Robot got a message from Lucasfilm:
Dave is still just as involved as ever – overseeing all aspects of Star Wars Rebels production as Executive Producer and occasionally directing episodes. In many ways, mentoring Justin and moving him into the role as Supervising Director has made it possible for Dave to be even more immersed in the writing and story structure of the show as well as creatively overseeing future animation development. Justin started with Lucasfilm Animation on the first season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and worked with Dave before that on Avatar: The Last Airbender, so they’ve been working together for quite some time.

The interesting thing to notice is ” creatively overseeing future animation development,” could this mean, a new show is in development?


Star Wars Rebels: New TV Spot

Disney X.D. has posted a new TV spot for Star Wars Rebels season 3 featuring a huge amount of new footage! When we see Cham and his blurrg fighting a biker scout, it all looks like Ryloth so, it looks like we’re going back to Ryloth and this time on the planet like in The Clone Wars, not just staying in space like in season 2! We see Sabine and Ezra being controlled by the dark magic like Talzin controlled Count Dooku during Son of Dathomir comics, Rex being shot at the shoulder, at the very end of the video, we see Ezra trying to kill Maul, will this be the end of the journey for Maul? One thing is sure, we can’t wait for what’s to come in season 3!